Photogrammetry Dramatically Increases Lifetime of Worlds Largest Pineapple Plantation

Scientific photographs taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like the QuestUAV Agri-Pro system, and processed with Pix4D are a powerful tool to fight soil erosion. Our case study shows that image-based farm management can significantly reduce the soil loss on tropical fruit plantations, such as pineapple. In our study a reduction from intolerable 200 t/ha/yr was reduced to tolerable soil loss levels of ; a factor of 27 times improvement. The management at Dole Philippines were both surprised and delighted by the effectiveness of the UAV derived plans.

The Dole Philippines pineapple plantation

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Pineapple Case Study


Inspired by survey professionals, the DATAhawk is a fully autonomous superior mapping drone from QuestUAV. Easy acquistion of accurate geodata for survey mapping and GIS professionals. Automatically convert your high-res data into geo-referenced 2D orthomosiacs, 3D models and point clouds giving fast and reliable results... every flight.

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The Q-200 Surveyor Pro UAV is the professional survey & mapping drone. Survey large areas of land in high detail with our Q-200 Surveyor drone. The Surveyor drone is capable of producing highly precise, survey grade 2D orthomosaics, 3D surface models and point clouds.

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The Q-200 AGRI Pro is the UAV for precision Agriculture. Survey large areas of agricultural land in high detail with our Q-200 AGRI drone. At the heart of the UAV sits our acclaimed Twin NDVI sensor, suitable for high resolution analysis of vegetation and crop health as well as high quality ortho and DEM generation.

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A fixed wing waterproof drone based on the globally recognized and tremendously successful QuestUAV 200 airframe. The QuestUAV Aqua is a drone capable of offshore missions and recovery in both fresh and salt water enviroments. The drone can withstand pressure differentials induced by rapid temperature changes, plus overcome complexities of waterproofing/marine grade electronics, sensors and avionics.

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