Follow a Q-100 DATAhawk survey mission from planning to processing

DATAhawk survey missions are easy to plan and execute. Professionally processed and highly detailed orthomosaics and topographic maps are just some of the outputs from successful missions.

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Photogrammetry Dramatically Increases Lifetime of Worlds Largest Pineapple Plantation

Scientific photographs taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like the QuestUAV Agri-Pro system, and processed with Pix4D are a powerful tool to fight soil erosion. Our case study shows that image-based farm management can significantly reduce the soil loss on tropical fruit plantations, such as pineapple. In our study a reduction from intolerable 200 t/ha/yr was reduced to tolerable soil loss levels of ; a factor of 27 times improvement. The management at Dole Philippines were both surprised and delighted by the effectiveness of the UAV derived plans.

The Dole Philippines pineapple plantation

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Pineapple Case Study

QuestUAV Voted Top 100 Drone News Sites of 2015

We are proud to be voted one of the top 100 drone news sites of 2015 by UAV Coach.We are always keen to provide our readers with the most up to date news and will always continue to do so!

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    7th Oct 2016

    7 Tips for Successful Drone/UAV Operations in Cold Environments Whatever the application around the world, be it mining, engineering, research or agriculture, in general terms small mapping UAVs are being increasingly utilized to observe the Earth’s surface in great detail - to mo...

  • DATAhawk fleet arrives in South Korea for large scale cadastral survey work
    30th Aug 2016

    New fleet of Q-100 DATAhawks arrives in South Korea Learn About DATAhawkMake An Enquiry A fleet of DATAhawk mapping UAVs have arrived in South Korea, ready to perform mapping duties as part of an ongoing, large-scale cadastral survey mission by government departments. A nation...

  • Pix4D User Workshop in Brisbane
    12th Aug 2016

    HELImetrex - a QuestUAV Australian partner - is hosting the first Pix4D User Workshop in Brisbane. This is the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with HELImetrex experts and develop your knowledge. The course runs on September 7th, 8th and 9th. Course Schedule Day 1 (from 9...


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